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Supporting executives in preparation for a new life stage drives us and our business . As individuals, we have changed our own lives significantly in recent years. We have the experience, knowledge and empathy necessary to find the right solutions and help you create the life you want.

Claire Myerscough

I have spent most of my working life in the advertising and publishing industry in senior commercial roles. A successful career in the corporate world brought many benefits. Aside from the financial rewards, it gave me the opportunity to manage large teams, engage with other senior business leaders and influence the success of the companies that employed me. It was more a lifestyle than a job.

Eventually, the dedication required to hold this all together led to questions. Was this really how I wanted to spend the majority of my time? Would something else be more fulfilling? Were my values being compromised too much?

My interest in people led me to a new career focus. I trained to become a Practitioner for Investors In People; I became a qualified executive coach and set up a small business. The Transition Coach was subsequently launched in early 2017.

My switch to a new purpose gives me the time and flexibility to find fulfilment in other ways. I do voluntary work for the local community, supporting people who feel isolated, and I have time for my great passion, which is being outdoors, walking the hills.

Client testimonials

“Typically, if, like me you have worked for 30 plus years in one organisation, this kind of support is very welcome. It is a process of exploration, which leads to identifying activities that offer fun and a sense of purpose and using the skills and capabilities that come naturally. I found The Transition Coach “pulled me apart” from what I already know so that I could identify a challenging next step.”   Paul S

“I have benefited from Claire’s support, encouragement and skills. In particular, Claire helped me identify the importance of setting goals that align to my values rather then that of any particular employer. This more than anything is where I believe anyone making significant change should invest in themselves. ” Trish K

Claire Myerscough


“Claire was on the ball from the start. Claire very quickly identified some areas to work on and we made substantial progress over a relatively small number of meetings.”   Matthew E

“Claire helped me to explore whether setting up my own business was the right option for me. She was supportive but also challenged me. By doing this I was able to recognise my potential so that I felt able to make the move and follow my dream.”  Tina D

 “Her expert, focused and quietly analytical approach perfectly addressed the challenges I was facing.”   Diane K


Geoff Ellis

After decades as a magazine journalist – with periodic excursions into newspapers – I experienced the impact of technological change on my career. The decline of paid-for publications and the unstoppable rise of the internet forced me to re-evaluate.

I took voluntary redundancy and found a new focus on writing and editing website content for blue-chip organisations. I now work only a fraction of the hours I used to put in to meet weekly print deadlines. I may work regular office hours for a few months for a project and then switch to part-time, writing at home.

It’s an enjoyably flexible way of working, with regular slots for a short break or a long-haul trip and for community involvement. Now, I produce research and content for The Transition Coach, alongside other work, immersing myself in studying changing patterns of work and demographics.

Geoff Ellis

Sandra Tinker

Being part of large corporation could end up defining who you are. As a Sales Director leading and growing diverse teams across multi medias, I had worked for the best in national brands heading up their regional offices and balancing that with being a part of senior commercial leadership teams in London.

My first career change took me to being a Transformation Director, with people at the heart of everything I did. This led me to think more deeply about my strengths and how I might want to apply them in the future. In 2014 I enrolled to do a Post Graduate Certificate in Business and Executive Coaching.

Trying to bring my ‘whole self’ to who I am, you could definitely describe me as having a portfolio career/life. At home I breed horses, run a livery stables and have developed an interest in a number of holistic therapies. Learning and continuous personal development have always been key, so this has taken me to study for my Team Coaching Post Grad Cert through 2017.

The Transition Coach gives me the opportunity to support people located in the North of England as they transform their lives.

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