What we do

Through one-to-one coaching, our techniques highlight your strengths and preferences. In a safe space, you can explore ideas with a trusted, independent professional.

Your strategy, your future

The turning point may be uninvited or you may feel it’s time to step off the treadmill. Either way, it can be a catalyst for you to think about life and work and make a positive change. It is a chance to focus on areas or interests that may have been neglected and an opportunity to start something fresh.

Our approach offers an expert sounding board and provides a methodical way for you to define your strengths and priorities.

The Transition Coach provides a minimum of three sessions, aimed at:

  • Getting to know you and identifying your preferences, skills and goals
  • Looking at options with you and deciding how best you might achieve fulfilment
  • Helping you to develop a road map for your future work and life


You will be encouraged to think deeply about who you are. What are your priorities? When is it you feel most positive and motivated? What are your ambitions and your must-haves? In this safe space, you are free to explore ideas with a trusted, independent professional. Each step is followed by a period of reflection that allows you to ruminate in a positive way on your own life.

Discovering what you want to do next is a dynamic process. You may want to trial some of the ideas while you are still working in your current role.

This is a whole person-centred approach to life planning – only you can define what success looks like.

Case study - Peter

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Case study - Ann

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