What we do

Through one-to-one coaching, our techniques highlight your strengths and preferences. In a safe space , you can explore ideas with a trusted, independent professional.

How we work with you

Whether you want to start your own business, become a consultant or stop work completely, we will encourage you to think deeply about your personal needs and support you in preparation for the change.

Peter's story

“I developed a portfolio career after leaving a CEO role in a government agency. I now work as a marketing services consultant and trustee for various industry bodies. My advice is to start planning while still in the corporate world and find someone who can give you independent advice. Foster your contacts and extend your network and don’t necessarily stay in your existing sector.”

Changing lives

Executives looking to move beyond the corporate world now face much more varied lifestyle choices that can combine flexible part-time work, alongside volunteering and other activities that make a real contribution to the community. Increasing longevity adds to the attraction of finding a new purpose.

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